Chiropractic treatment focuses on the alignment of the spinal column by locating and correcting subluxations (or distortions) of the vertebrae from the cervical region to the sacrum.  Since the spinal column houses the the bundle of nerves that control every function of our body, subluxations can result in a wide range of interference to the body's proper functioning.  The most obvious subluxations arise from traumatic accidents or injury, but they are also caused by any kind of repetitive activity (physical labor, office/computer work, driving long distance, sports,etc.) as well as the mental/emotional stress of our daily lives.  Muscles tighten in response to perpetual stress situations, constricting the flow of nerve impulses to and from the brain, affecting - to greater or lesser degrees - the performance of all our bodily functions. 

 What this translates to is that chiropractic is not only a fix for the common back or neck ache, but it also greatly benefits our digestive process, reproductive function, circulatory health, cognitive awareness, immune short, a total body work-out...for everyone!

 For the new born who just arrived through a narrow passage into this world, for the elderly, and everyone in between, we believe that a greater quality of life can be achieved through regular chiropractic treatment.